Coal Story Bro: On being “comfortable”…

As I went home from work yesterday, I did some tasks before coming home and as I was buying some silvannas for dessert, I met this lass who was very friendly and warm when I asked an opinion of two things:

  1. "Do ‘nice guys’ (yeah those whiny folks) finish last"? and
  2. "Is there such a thing as being too nice"?

From her own opinion, what she said was that the key in all of this is being “comfortable” of who you are. Now let’s put this in a romanticized perspecticve, if you like a person, and you want to go out and have a coffee with her, you should be comfortable in whatever position you are (as long as you aren’t needy). People can sense a person’s neediness from time to time. We all become needy once in our lives, but if we strive to change for the better in our own lives, then people will come to you and your warm energy.

Simply put it this way: Love God and Love yourself, people will eventually notice your warmth as a person they can talk to. 

Ergo: You can be comfortable as a “nice guy”, though we just need to improve ourselves to have a backbone and the confidence (not overconfidence/arrogance) about ourselves so that we can be more interesting towards ourselves and be a unique person that everyone will come to love. If all you’ll do is whine or be on the verge of dying within your mind, then that’s not really going to help you get to women.

Just be confident and be who you want to be. 

And yes, I’d like to thank that girl who gave me this small yet intricately important piece of advice, wherever she may be, may she succeed in whatever she does.